Here at the MauDesign we love complex systems, 'real CMS-es', content management systems, we love when our clients have the possibility to administer every aspect of their website, with every website we make, we make an education course for the use of the website as well as the continuous support which in some cases lasts more than 8 years. We constantly monitor and update the modules so that the security level is always at the top, and it's made possible by this CMF (content management framework), this is also one of its top quality.

With this system we use, our client is confident and secure with the product, he knows that his website is always present (online) and available on all devices, from the small smartphone to the tablet, notebook, laptop to desktop computers and wide screens. It's a standard for many years that once you have a website, your e-mail addresses will no longer be from the public or privat services such as your phone provider or gmail, yahoo but instead, you'll have your own emails, our clients are procured with fresh emails like : , ,

Beside this the client has an administrative access into his new 'portal', because let's be honest till the end, every website we make is actually a web portal, it has the possibilities to register hundreds, thousands of users with various roles, building of new profiles as on the leading social media pages as well as all the other qualities that makes a  webpage into a portal.

In the website development package all major social media profiles and pages are included, like Facebook, Twitter, youtube, G+, Instagram, Viber etc... and we integrate them into the complete product.

When the client begins to walk the 'online' world, he does it at once from all available channels, according to his own interests or guided by our social media strategy, depending if we've been engaged for that part of the job or not, anyway, some basic suggestions and tips can be expected, it is our primary interest to promote the best website tech and administration options. That kind of work, entire, adequate, completed, compliant, will promote the client but above all our work as producers, that is why we often give more than we charge, because we care first about oru clients and then also about our work. 

We equip the system with additional analytics solutions like google analytice, beside the standard website reports and the well known solutions comprised in the Cpanel. 

About the content types we consider important and we add by default, there is the 'article', 'blog', 'forum', 'image', 'gallery', 'video' and if necessary 'news'.

All our websites are made with responsive template designs, adaptable to all devices and resolutions.

We offer different by purpose 'templates' , layman would call ti website covers, basically the most part of the templates are free and adaptable, but if our client has a necessity for a special kind of layout, we will suggest the use of professionally made template for a price, which will comply with the requirements.

The system we use is a very flexible one and its very easy to upgrade it with an own online shop, payment solutions secure logins etc... and for that it is the most suitable CMS for various businesses or organisations. Drupal powers a wide range of very important websites, from 'TheWhiteHouse', the  'European Comission', 'The Economist',  even some parts of the gigantic Amazon, it all works on the same Drupal CMS so flexible that it powers a wide range of websites from small businesses, firms up to governments and multinational companies.

Possibilities are unlimited, this is definitely the system of the future and to work on it it is not necessary to have almost any knowledge in programming, the basics are well described in our educational trainings and your administration is fast and easy, once you get to know it.

In any case with this CMF you will have the newst, most flexible, most secure web pages which looks great, are easy to navigate. We are here to promote smart and lasting solutions for your needs.

If you have read this article and you find yourself in it, with your needs and concerns, or you are looking for quality solutions for your online business or internet presence, please contact us at:


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